Bite Sized Mental Health Workshops and Webinars

Bite Sized Mental Health Workshops and Webinars

Bite Sized Mental Health Workshops and Webinars

It is an odd paradox that a society, which can now speak openly and unabashedly about topics that were once unspeakable, still remains largely silent when it comes to mental illness.

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What You Will Learn

In these bit sized workshops and webinars, you will learn how to increase awareness of your own mental health, as well as other people in your life, and apply strategies to help cope better.

How It Works

Workshop Length: Sessions vary in length, see About section below

Workshop Format: Various in person and virtual sessions available

Affiliations: Tammy Whelen & Steve Lister

Notes: Most sessions available for ages 10 to 100, some age restrictions will apply


Let’s Talk about Mental Health – Increase mental health awareness within your community. workshop encourages a discussion about mental health, challenges societal beliefs, offers free accessible resources in the community, and recommends simple approaches to maintain mental wellbeing.
(I hour, available virtual or in person)

Know your Worth –Our life experiences, genetics, environment, and relationships can impact the way we feel about ourselves. This workshop helps unpack negative thinking, and offers valuable strategies to improve your thinking patterns, build your self-esteem, encourage confidence, and see the strengths in front of you.
(I hour, available virtual or in person)

See, Ask, Listen, Help – Suicide Awareness –If someone you care about was having thoughts of suicide, would you recognize the signs? Learn how to recognize signs, how to have a conversation about suicide, and offer valuable resources in your local community.
(I hour, available virtual or in person)

Appreciating our Differences – Adapt the way you react to challenging situations and learn to manage difficult conversations with competence and assurance. Discover approaches to recognize challenging behaviours, and learn valuable tools to shift dynamics, scale down turmoil, and support one another.
(I hour, available virtual or in person)

Keeping Workplace Wellness Alive – Improve workplace mental health and learn strategies to reduce absenteeism and disability leave costs. This workshop provides education on the impact of mental health problems in the workplace and identifies factors within the workplace that affect mental health. Learn to identify and minimize employee stress, recognize the signs of bullying and develop strategies to improve wellbeing and address Canada’s new Psychological Health and Safety Standard. This workshop can be tailored to Senior Management, Supervisors and Staff. Topics include: Managing Change, Toxic Workplaces.
(3 hours, available virtual or in person)

Surviving StressUnderstand the physical and emotional reasons for stress and anxiety, and learn everyday tools to survive stress, reclaim control, and foster valuable coping strategies that help us with the daily stressors in our lives.
(I hour, available virtual or in person)

Putting your Best Foot Forward – Working from home has its definite pros and cons. This presentation offers insights into the challenges faced when working from home, along with simple strategies to manage work life balance.
(I hour, available virtual or in person)

The Essence of Resilience – Build resiliency during challenging times, by understanding the mental health impacts of change throughout unsure and ever-changing situations. Discover the characteristics of resiliency and how to include approaches that can improve and maintain your mental wellness.
(I hour, available virtual or in person)

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