About Steve Lister

About me

Hello! I’m Steve Lister

I am a passionate educator and workshop facilitator, and my goal is to help a wide variety of people enhance the quality of their working and personal lives. I am currently a consultant with various School Boards across Ontario, and I also serve on the education team for multiple branches of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

My Journey

Business Owner
High School Psychology and Sociology Teacher and Department Head (Toronto District School Board)
Teacher and Professional Development Workshop Leader/Designer (Bermuda Ministry of Education)
Founded Synapspark Consulting
Adult Education Certification, Facilitative Leadership Professional Certification
Mindful Educators, Provincial Master Trainer (Ontario Education Service Corporation)
Bronze Level Trainer, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (Living Works)


This is one of the very few workshops where I felt I was being talked to instead of talked at. Stephen and Tammy are 2 of the best facilitators I have ever experienced. They were very open and communicative, explained and helped me explore the very delicate matter of suicide intervention and how to go about helping our clients as well as family and friends.

Sharon HughesAdministrative Coordinator Office of the Executive Director Human Rights Legal Support Centre

Steve is a very professional facilitator.  He provided our staff excellent information with relevant scenarios related to the educational setting.  We really appreciated his willingness and availability to provide this training.  Thanks!

David Geertsema(Principal - Alliston Community Christian School)

Steve is truly knowledgeable, and his passion shines through. I found his training both authentic and practical.

Jessica Willow (CMHA Counselor)